• 2012 …what will the future bring?

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    I am writing this at the draw of 2011, a year where the world has changed a lot, from finance to politics, from disasters to deaths of technology greats, the world has always been on the tipping point of change.

    I know it’s impossible to predict, but I thought I should make some guesses to what 2012 brings…

    Apple iPhone 5 and a complete redesign.

    I’ll start off with an easy one, following Apple’s bi-yearly redesign, 2012 shall have a new iPhone, I’m guessing with a larger screen, and further progression of the Siri technology: come the day I can control my Apple TV using Siri!

    Finally allow GamePads to utilise the Accessory Port connector, couple it with Airplay and you have just created a games console to compete against the PS3 and XBox 360.

    As for the Apple TV, will they enter the full blown TV market, I think they will but how TV and adverts will be displayed will most likely be completely different to as it is now.

    The iPad shall become the iPad 3, with double the resolution …I’m waiting till March!

    Can you guess what it is yet?

    Word of the year …Austerity

    This word seems to be on the news every few minutes. Will the Euro fall, will the EU be restructured? Looking at the Treasury figures it would be unwise not to help the Eurozone but will everyone agree? In my perfect world all EU budgets should have final approval by the EU if borrowing is required. Why should the EU foot the bill if it can’t have say over how the countries use their money.

    2012 shall see more shops fail, my bets are on: Millets (The Blacks group) for sure and HMV (Waterstones), WH Smiths giving profit warnings. Regrettably High Street retailers can’t compete with online stores.

    First Great Western will still be overcrowded.

    A suggestion for @twillisc I doubt FGW will ever not be overcrowded.

    Will the world end – I doubt it.

    Sorry Mayans but I don’t think the world will be ending this year.

    Though of course just in case to be safe; Save the Cheerleader, Save the World


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