• Bank holiday in Bath

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    It was sunny and I had little to do, so I ran to the station (quite literally) and made a dash for it to Bath for a nice relaxing day.

    As it was the Bank Holiday everyone was out and about, and so were the street performers. I always like wandering around seeing what is on offer, however some were more bizarre than others.

    Firstly there were two students with guitars, and quite surprisingly they were good and quite entertaining, I stayed for a few songs while sitting by Bath Abbey in the shade. Eventually I wandered off in search for shops and some food.

    There was a group of people huddled together along the high street so I meandered my way through to find out what was going on. To my surprise it was sponsored games of chess to raise money for breast cancer research. I offered some bad chess advice however the chap I was supporting managed to win, much to the crowds amusement.

    Managing to make my way out of the crowd, surprisingly more difficult than getting into it, I heard a lovely bit of Mozart on the piano, I was drawn to a humorous looking guy playing considerably better than I ever could.

    Regrettably he wouldn’t play some Muse.

    All in all another entertaining day in Bath, with lots of coffee and cake consumed. This time I tried out the Cake Cafe along the high street, the coffee was good, the cake was incredible.


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