• Bank Holiday Weekend

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    Whenever it is sunny at a weekend I usually have an urge to wander over to Bath. I always find it a nice place to be when it is a warm and bright summers day.

    First things first on my adventure, as most people know I can’t go anywhere without a cup of coffee or tea.

    For the most part I pick small out of the way cafes, usually hidden away in the small side streets, failing that my fallback is the great cafe just opposite the train station which has a lovely selection of cakes and coffees, all served in an eclectic assortment of cups and saucers. However this weekend as it was sunny I just sat in Pret A Manger and had a surprisingly nice latte and sandwich.

    What made me chuckle as I watched the world go by is the crazy happenings that go on.

    For those that don’t know Bath, it is a city famed for its iconic buildings and quirky shops, it just feels nice and relaxing.

    On my travels I try and be touristy and there is so much to do, such as Bath Spa, the Circus and the Crescent, the multitude of shops and cafes.


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