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    Some may describe me as a bike nut, and quite rightly so, I have a collection. Predominately they have been Kona’s, and every year I wait patiently until they release their new models. Finally they have and I’ve been resisting running to the bank and draining my house fund.

    Shut up and take my money meme

    Which ones do I like, dislike or would happily donate a kidney for? Here is my short list:

    Kona Zing Supreme

    The Kona Zing Supreme, the possible all carbon replacement for my 2010 Zing

    Kona Cadabra

    Kona Cadabra, replacing my sorely missed Kona Kahuna.

    Those are my choices based on what I can afford (~£2,000, $2,500) but if money was no object …ahh, what dreams are made of:

    Kona Red Zone

    The Kona Red Zone, which is literally £5,000 worth of sex on wheels.

    Kona Abra Cadabra

    Kona Abra Cadabra. Once upon a time I tried out downhill biking with my Kona Stinky, but I soon found I wanted to go up hills as well, so the Abra Cadabra looks like an incredible go anywhere machine.

    Overall it can be noticed that Kona and ‘cheap’ are slowly drifting further apart, which is a shame for those wanting to take up cycling Kona’s as part of their local Cycle to Work schemes. It should be noted that their sub-£1000 bikes are incredible too, I’ve had so much fun on my Dew which has now clocked over 5,000 miles.

    The main focus for me has been that I live around 25 miles from work, so road bikes are virtually the only thing that can get me there, but if I lived closer I may just have to take a trip on a Pashley for their hand built goodness and darn awesome looks for a rather good price (£540).


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