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    I am a long time movie goer, I do enjoy going to the cinema, sitting down with a big tub of popcorn and being whisked away into the universe of the movie, the only problem is that films have seemingly gone down hill.

    Some may be quick to point out that I could just be viewing the world through rose tinted glasses, seemingly believing all old films are as good as For a Few Dollars More or Cool Hand Luke but I feel there is more to it.

    What seems to be happening as of late is that original ideas have long since left Hollywood and in a last gasp they are trying to find any decent book or graphic novel and make a film of it. This can sometimes be done to great effect; with Lord of the Rings, or V for Vendetta being glowing examples.

    However some films just do not do justice to the source material, or feel the need to readapt a classic. One example was War of the Worlds, where Spielberg felt the need to add children.

    One thing I don’t like is the unnecessary addition of children to films, as usually they act as a simple way for the protagonist to explain what is going on, by explaining it to the child.

    Other things that ruin films are:

    • Obvious product promotions
    • People unnecessary using a bow

    Blade Trinity was the obvious example of how by bringing these two things together can make the perfect storm of a bad film. I think everyone shudders when they remember the iPod scene.

    Coming up in the next few months is a whole host of new adaptations, such as The Hunger Games, where the film follows the same tried tested characteristics:

    • Hot totty

    …oh and there is action too.

    Transformers and Sucker Punch pulled off this combination to great affect too.

    Looking forward I do hope that if the trend of Book to Film conversions continue that they may cast their gaze over the following:

    • Crime and Punishment – F. Dostoyevsky
    • The Sleeper Awakes – H. G. Wells
    • The Day of the Triffids – J. Wyndham (Though the first few minutes of 28 days later took some inspiration from this)


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