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    Every time there is a new Sci-Fi action film, I have to disengage my brain before I go see it otherwise my inner nerd starts shouting ‘Oh the humanity’ within the first few minutes of technology buzz words.

    Last night I went to see Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and enjoyed the film, but the tech in it was hit and miss. For spoilers, the following XKCD comic can sum it up if you add a nuclear bomb to the plot.

    Don’t believe me that the film is actually about sysadmins?

    It felt like Simon Pegg was a walking MacBook Air advert for most of the film while the Russians looked on with hatred that they could not achieve 5 9’s uptime.

    Other tech they showed off was plausible, a eye tracking system which projects a fake image for example; I’ve already mentioned that this type of thing could be done easily using a Kinect, another was a HUD in a car which BMW/Mercedes is already doing and contact lenses which have computer overlays. All stuff which could be done now or in a few years.

    Most of this was ruined though with buzzwords and unrealistic tech, it began to remind me of the old Doctor which always would use the phrase ‘reverse the polarity of the neutron flow’

    Though to be honest the new Doctor Who is just as bad by putting in as many buzzwords as permitted by the universe, but at least we have Amy Pond to more than make up for any transgressions.

    So what can be done to stop this, not Amy Pond; there’s nothing wrong with her, but tech references in films. Well a simple way is actually doing your research and not just saying garbage, so below I have my lists of films which were good and bad at tech.

    The Good

    • Social Network
    • Pirates of Silicon Valley
    • The Matrix Reloaded

    The Bad

    • Die Hard 4 – Even the use of nmap couldn’t redemn this film
    • Firewall – I think everyone remembers the iPod scene
    • Blade 3 – Yet another walking iPod advert
    • Swordfush – Because I always make my viruses look like Crystals


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    1. CJ
      January 13, 2012 at 9:05 am

      ‘Because I always make my viruses look like Crystals’ is that a confession?

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