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    Recently I received the email that all Brompton racers wanted to see; after not being successful in the ballot last year, I got a place in the 2018 Brompton World Championship (BWC) in London later this year.


    For those that don’t know, the Brompton World Championship is a series of races which culminate in the final held in London with 550 of the best Brompton cyclists. Heres an extract from the main Brompton event site:

    “The Brompton World Championship is our flagship Brompton only racing event. With qualifying heats held in 15 countries and a final in the UK. The event has been running for 10 years and is held in cities around the world. Riders must follow the strict dress code which reflects the heritage of the event.”

    For those following my blog, just over a year ago I purchased a Brompton M6L in a lovely navy blue and since then have ridden it around on my adventures. In between this I have been on a mission to reduce its weight.

    Brompton 2017 M6L

    Since purchase I have changed, removed or replaced a lot of the components; seat post, saddle, tyres, inner tubes etc. and have kept a blog post of my modifications after doing some initial investigations and research into losing weight.

    The BWC has a few rules that I need to follow, however for the event my Brompton will have some further modifications.

    Pedals (213g saving):

    For the most part I have left the standard pedals untouched, as my Brompton is primarily for exploring and not racing, however for the finals every last Watt that I can extract from my legs counts, so I will swap the heavy Brompton stock pedals for the Time xpresso 10 carbon pedals I have on my main racing bike.

    The stock pedals weigh 408g, my xpresso 10 pedals weigh 195g thus saving 213g

    Saddle (140g saving):

    Again this is another switch out from my racing bike. Taking off my existing Fabric Line Elite saddle (CrMo rails – 242g) from my Brompton and replacing it with my Fabric Line Pro Shallow saddle (Carbon Fiber rails) which weighs a feathery 183g, saving a further 59g or a whooping 140g off the stock saddle.


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