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    It’s the weekend again, so I wandered to town and had a walk around and by chance ended up at a craft fair. While I was walking around, something took my fancy out of the corner of my eye…

    After having a quick chat, finding out more about Bry’s Cupcakes and being won over (doesn’t take much to persuade me to buy cakes) I bought a selection of 4 and ran off into the sunset.

    I’ve had a lot of objections lately from people complaining that with all these posts, it’s nearly paramount to ‘food porn’ and encourages them to eat all this tasty food (what a shame), and so to balance it out I’ll just post a picture of a hot totty, and normality will be restored.

    …Stop staring. Back to the cake, now┬áI chose a selection of plain, flavoured and beautifully decorated cupcakes.

    It’s not Terrys, it’s mine! – An orange flavoured chocolate cupcake

    A sunny vanilla cupcake to cheer up the grey British weather

    There was no way I couldn’t buy this cupcake, just so I could use the pun ‘cute as a button’

    Good lord, that is one tasty cupcake! The classics are the best


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