• Chippenham River Festival 2012

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    Lately we have had some incredible weather, and other times not so much. This year the Chippenham River Festival was hosted on the weekend where the weather wasn’t so good, but that didn’t stop the locals turning out in force to cheer on the raft builders, the sailors and spend the day learning more about the local area and having a good time.

    I used the River Festival as an opportunity to test out my shiny new Sony Alpha A77 DSLT that I recently bought.

    I arrived early and spent some time trying out my telephoto 75-300mm lens on the local wildlife.

    Chippenham River Festival 2012 Duck

    After I popped to Meehans Cakery, a great local independent tea shop and bakers of the most delicious cupcakes whom I have blogged about before.

    As the Festival began to get underway I wandered down and found a great deal of activity, from the teams building their rafts, wild bird exhibits, tractor rides, boat trips, information stalls. There was something for everyone.

    In the afternoon we were fortunate enough to have the same two entertainers from last year which I enjoyed so much, who did a great act and got a huge cheer at the end.

    On the Sunday I returned and was greeted by even more activities, including boat races, classic cars, high rope walking, I was constantly finding things to keep myself and my camera occupied.

    It was a great two days, and I can’t wait till next year!


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