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    As I counted down the minutes to the end of work on Friday I looked out the window to see what I thought was ahead of me for the bank holiday weekend, lots and lots of rain.

    After an interesting change of plans – originally was off to Reading to say goodbye to Mr Luke before he runs off to the US to work for the Microsoft mothership, however he got *Rather* drunk and so for the best stayed at home, awaiting a washed out river festival (No pun intended, well maybe a little…)

    However Saturday arrived with a glorious bit of sunshine! I grabbed my raft, camera and sister and floated to the festival.

    I wander around, ate an ice cream, bought my sister a carrot cake -with a response of ‘om nyom nyom’ from the ever tasty Number One Coffee shop and was tempted by the friendly locals to buy some ducks for the rubber duck race.

    My winners, through and through! I spared the world the torture of me giving them bizarre Russian names, my money is on Rasputin!

    Overall it was a good day though was particularly suited to families with small children, as with most festivals I completely miss the main events -such as the raft racing on the river, however this wouldn’t be the shire without some ‘interesting’ locals which was hard to miss.

    It was nice seeing the town so lively and great to see so many people out, hopefully not many required being dragged out of the river itself. Apart from the river related activities, there were lots of small stalls, crafts and charities including those dedicated to wildlife.

    If you are in the shire and around Chippenham, pop down as the festival is on tomorrow (28th) as well!


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