• Gentlemen, we have the technology.

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    I have always had a marker set for when I officially can class that we are living in the future, and that day has finally come.

    Nope we don’t have flying cars, or super cool Iron Man exoskeletons (well maybe), but we finally have transparent computer screens, just like Minority Report.

    Samsung at the 2012 CES conference demonstrated what they call their ‘Smart Window’, check out the video below to see it in action.

    I literally had my socks blown off when I saw that and did a double take and watch it again. Connect a Kinect to that to handle gestures and we have Minority Report, only 8 years from it first coming out. To put it in context, for the film, the producers went to Microsoft Research and asked them to design UI concepts that we might see in 50 years time.

    Here are a few ideas that I’ve had were this technology will look incredible:

    Transparent Mobile Phones:

    What if we could compress all the circuitry and just have a transparent piece of glass in our pocket which becomes your phone, now thats my vision of the future, and also what Microsoft thinks may happen if you take a look at their Vision video.

    In car displays:

    With cars going all electric we shall see a shift in the design of the dash board to a fully touch screen lcd display, with this technology we can go one step further an place it all in the glass window. Imagine combining that with augmented reality information so it actually shows GPS directions in the road ahead. BMW & Mercedes already are trying out projected HUDs but this will be one step beyond!


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