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    So I have been travelling a lot lately and so haven’t had that much time to write technical blog posts – hopefully shall change soon. Till then I thought I would give a few pics of what I’ve been up to.

    I grabbed a wod of cash and headed to Europe.

    Via Munich I headed to Turin, now my Italian isn’t that good but was enough to order copious amounts of Ice Cream

    Being Italy I had to go look at Sports Cars, and I am a sucker for the classics.

    At the weekend I headed to London and had a wander around while everyone was at the Olympics. Had a sneaky look in at Shoreditch and had to try out the Boris bikes.

    While I was near Oldfield I was shown an amazing Cafe-Bar called ‘Look mum no hands‘ which is bike themed to say the least, it has a bicycle workshop as part of it. They also show bike related films and cycling events …I felt like I was in heaven!

    Since then I’ve been home, and have been enjoying the rain. As my trusty umbrella of the last 6 years has broken I thought it would be time to invest in a new one. After seeing some in London as I wandered by Saville Row I decided to buy one from London Undercover, a great home grown business that designs and makes Umbrellas in London.

    That is a sexy umbrella if I do admit.


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