• How much Social Media ‘Klout’ do you have?

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    An important part of anyone’s social media experience is trying to work out how much influence you have over your peers and who are you actually targeting. There is always the problem which some blog owners fall into, where they write content; such as a blog for their pet chickens -my mum has considered this, which no one will read.

    Help is at hand as tools exist to help expose this information, I shall mention a few that I use.


    This is a useful tool to bring together all your social media accounts, I use my Facebook and Twitter accounts and it works out how much influence you have, what you are influential about and who do you influence. It gives graph breakdowns of each and clearly explains the trends over time. I find this tool very useful in working out what people want to hear about from me, and of what I say is actually useful to people.

    Google Analytics

    Need I say more? If you have a blog, or website, Google Analytics provides incredible deep level information about the numbers and type of people viewing your content. I found this invaluable on my old site to find out what articles people found interesting. Strangely enough I found that about a quarter of all my blogs hits were coming from a single link on Stack Overflow about designing a widgets framework for .Net Micro Framework, something due to that insight that I am beginning to work on again.


    Now Why is Social Influence Important? Well its like any type of influence, if you have it, people will do as you tell them? But I just like being in the know and hopefully using it to get some freebies. A great example of this is DontDieWondering A small startup company whose concept is giving those with social influence access to freebies, events and information which they can then relay to their followers. Its a modern version of Brands giving celebrates free products which they hope they will be seen out with. Clever!

    So what do all you guys and girls use? -Come on, show and tell time.


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