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    In the Great Gatsby, I always remember the scene with the prose “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such – such beautiful shirts before.” Although somewhat different, when I look upon great looking and tasting cakes, I feel the same way.

    Now while I wouldn’t mind embodying the American dream, alas over the pond. I may skewer from the Gatsby portrayal somewhat; I for one don’t fancy a yellow Rolls but don’t mind at all the Art Deco and suits.

    Over the last month as part of my ever ‘busy’ schedule I’ve had the chance to try out yet more tasty cakes, including several more from ever tasty¬†Brys Cupcakes, however most of my spare time has been developing on the¬†Raspberry Pi, which isn’t as tasty but nice nether the less.

    The Raspberry Pi, its a little crunchy.

    Bry’s Carrot Cake, the attention to detail is awesome!

    Bry’s choice of cupcakes, I want …all of them!

    The Cookie Monster likes Oreo’s

    Celebrating the Jubilee with Lemon Cake

    At work: A rather bizarre but ever so tasty Banana & Carrot cake.

    Chris’ handmade cake

    Overall it’s been a busy month, even the hens had some cake for their year anniversary at the Pfister family farm retirement home


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