• Iomega Home Media Cloud Edition …Set sail for NAS fail

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    Everything went well until I tried to use it…

    On the face of it, it looked like a great drive -quite literally, it was one of the nicest drives I have seen. It was a 2TB NAS with lots of features, Time Machine Support, DLNA, Torrent downloading and 2 USB ports for sharing external hdd’s or printers. The problems came when I plugged it in.

    If you have seen my last few posts, I have recently bought a shiny MacBook Air, so wanted to finally get a Time Machine device. I picked this as it was one of the listed features and the device was rather cheap(ish) at £139.99.

    When I plugged it in, Time Machine connected to it (after a few minutes) so I thought all was good until about 2 minutes later when it tried the initial backup. Fail! Due to the changes in the DHX authentication mechanism that Time Machine uses and the modifications to the Netatalk protocol in Mac OSX Lion, Time Machine wouldn’t work.

    So did what techies always do, if in doubt, flash the firmware! However the System Update screen said there were no new firmware updates available, stuck at 3.0.9 but oddly enough when I checked the Iomega support website there had been 2 firmware releases since then. I downloaded the newest firmware and after about 20 mins everything – including Time Machine was working again.

    And then the fun (or lack of) began…

    As everything was up and running I began to copy files across – mainly 1080p videos that were taken using my DSLR. I was shocked at the speed, averaging at 1.1MB/s …yep a lowsy, 1.1MB/s. I even plugged in the NAS directly not using my router and the results were nearly identical.

    To put that in perspective, to fill the 2TB of hard disc space, it would take 21 days! Which is completely unacceptable for a NAS.

    Time Machine faired even worse, usually losing connectivity to the device (even when directly plugged in) which would mean the initial backup would have to be completely restarted – estimated at 11 hours for the 20GB transfer.

    So far Iomega have not responded to my Tweets nor to my emails so tomorrow I am returning it for a refund because of it being completely useless. How can a product advertise itself using superfast Gigabit ethernet when it can only transfer at about 125th of its capable speed!


    I contacted Iomega via their online chat support portal, the advice was rather useless, even though you give the representative the serial number of the device and say what it was, he began talking about a different product. The representative would not give information about real world transfer speeds, just kept iterating that it has gigabit ethernet and then finally said it may require RMA, to this end he wanted a system dump (fair enough as it may be a software/kernel issue) but directed me to a page that does not exist on the device. …useless

    In summary – avoid this like the plague!



    After a day the internal hard disc failed. I took it back for a refund, and after explaining to the staff at Currys for about an hour that changing the firewall settings won’t help if the drive has died I got my refund and wandered over to Apple and bought a decent product: The Apple Time Capsule 2TB, more on that shininess shortly :D


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    1. Hickory
      January 26, 2012 at 1:11 pm

      Even though you’ve posted this a while ago,
      I just bought one!!! and I have to tell ya, I have not experienced any of the symptoms you have mentioned above. Granted, I do not have a Mac, nor do I use the Time Machine feature. I think the website that the tech was trying to point you to was http:///diagnostics.html…. that will give you the options for ssh, sftp and a kernel dump.

      I think the issue you were experiencing was possibly due to a badly partitioned hard drive, or it had a lot of bad sectors, maybe there was surface damage on the hdd from it being moved, shipped and handled by possible ‘monkeys’. This may be (have been) an interesting read for you:

      As for me, it works like a charm… so much so, that I have named it, Happy… :-)
      And I would recommend this to my friends.

      Take care,

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