• iPhone 4S …The iPhones mid life crisis.

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    The iPhone has gone through quite a few revisions to get to where it is now. The new kid on the block, quickly dethroning the reigning kings of smartphones; Windows Mobile and Symbian has now started to feel its age.

    It can no longer reveal simple features and stand back with a smug face till next year, regrettably people want Apple to change the world every year and its starting to slip up.

    With the iPhone, Apple is falling into the same problem Microsoft had and possibly still has:

    “If its making money, don’t fix it”

    This problem destroyed Windows Mobile through lack of innovation and is eating into Office, it is the problem for all tech companies that grow too large. Apple will add a few features, upgrade the components but the iPhone has nothing NEW, heck, my Windows Mobile 5 phone had a voice recognition application 5 years ago!

    As mid life approaches the iPhone has become too much of a cash cow for Apple to make radical changes to the UI or design, we won’t wake up one day to the iPhone Shuffle for example where for a laugh they leave out the screen or the iPhone Nano where you can use your phone as your wrist watch as well. Apple can no longer take these risks with its main product, therefore we will see different variants but the same concept.

    iPhone 4S camera assembly

    But is it all bad? After all internally the iPhone 4S looks like a great update with the A5 processor and updated camera optics with 8mp and an aperture that goes down to f2.4 which is lower than my DSLR lens!

    For those that buy tech as soon as it’s released, they will have a harder time getting people to ogle at a phone that hasn’t changed in over a year. Great update yes in software and hardware, but it’s no longer the ground breaking iPhone it once was.


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