• iPhone 5. A little more but so much less

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    If you have been sitting under a rock you may have missed the launch of the new iPhone yesterday. Apple with their long history of forgetting all their previous versions once a new one comes along, claims this is the best thing ever. Though is it really?

    With Samsung hot on its tails with the Galaxy SIII and Nokia soon to release their flagship Lumia 920, the stage was set for Apple to release the iPhone 5, but what we got instead was the iPhone 4S-S (Stretched edition)

    What the engineers at Apple did was accidently take the iPhone 4S to the kitchen and slid it under a rolling pin, making it longer and slimmer in the process with impressive stats stuch as 18% thinner, 20% lighter.

    For a few months at least most people won’t see any difference, as frantic developers try and adjust their apps to fit the new size screens (1136×640 – a really bizzare resolution), and there will be little or no accessories available for the new docking port. One of the really bad problems with Apple being so closed (would it really change the world if Apple released the pin-out of their dock connector early??) Apple tried really hard not to call the screen HD, because its not, their initial lead on screen resolution in the iPhone 4 has slipped, is anything else starting to slip away as well…

    For us photo buffs, it will be interesting to see how the new Optics compare, but Apple tinkering to the post processing always leaves the photos feeling over-saturated, I wonder what they will look on the new screens with 44% extra saturation on top! The Nokia Lumia will definitely give the iPhone 5 a run for its money with research being taken from its Pureview line. The Lumia also clearly trumps the iPhone for aperture size at f/2.0 compared to f/2.4, those additional f-stops will clearly help in low light situations. Apple says it can conteract with post-processing, but really is it just raising the ISO values and adding more noise reduction? – Clearly opening up the aperture and getting more light is far superior than digitally fudging the image.

    Other things that Apple didn’t bring to the party is NFC, which I agree hasn’t yet reached the tipping point, the Android implementation is still in its infancy and you can’t do much with it. The new dock connector is nice, but really was it needed to make the iPhone thinner, looking at my iPhone 4S I didn’t think so, but don’t worry, Apple will help out with converters for only! $29

    It has long been held that the earbuds that come with the iPods and iPhones were terrible, annoyingly they were one of the few that fitted comfortably in my ears. Finally Apple has attempted to improve them, time will tell whether it was a cost saving exercise or if there is noticable improvements.

    Overall I was a bit disappointed with this iPhone, it has got to the point of becoming Apple’s cash cow, they can no longer radically change it, but do subtle adjustments each revision and hope people keep buying …sounds more and more like Microsofts old approach everyday.

    Though as always, Apple could just rebadge the 4S and people would still buy it.


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