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    It is that time again, where cakes are a plenty and ‘Santa’ turns out to be the local Amazon delivery man. It must be Christmas of course! I personally love christmas, not just because I get shiny things but because there is usually lots of cake and fun to be had.

    Christmas Decoration

    Like most years I end up helping out with the cooking with my sister, and we produce an epic quantity of food to eat after opening presents. Preparation for it is usually done on a near industrial scale and is a sight to behold.

    PresentsLuckily for me this year I had a ‘slightly’ better camera so was able to take some pics of the food as it went along.

    Food Blogging

    We thought the food turned out ok…

    Christmas lunch


    StuffingAfter lunch we proceeded to begin eating all the copious amounts of chocolates we were given and play games.


    After all this we go out for a walk, I’m usually out walking somewhere anyway and take my father out most evenings but christmas is a time when we take the whole family along.

    Family Walk


    One of the best presents I received was actually a Gingerbread house making kit, the engineer inside me felt it had to be done right, and the cake blogger in me wanted it to look right. Being the first one I’ve ever made there was a few mistakes I made, and things I would change but in the end I made what I think was a darn good gingerbread house.

    Gingerbread House


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