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    Kona have recently realised their 2012 range of bikes. Which can be summed up as the 2011 bikes plus about £200 extra. Got to really love inflation!

    I am liking their new colour scheme this year, sometimes I find -especially in 2009, 2010 that Kona can go overboard and a bit Chavy with their paint jobs.

    Though there has been a few stand outs from the crowd, and my eyes are drawn to the Hei Hei 100 being my next Cross Country Full Suspension bike replacing my long time Kona Kahuna (2003) and my Downhill Kona Stinky (2008).

    First things first …I need to answer the question, do I really need 6 bicycles? (Although I would if not the costs involved automatically said yes) Apart from this beauty, there is always my want of a touring bike and yet again the Kona Sutra looks amazing, though has a price tag …£200 more than last year, shame really as I can’t purchase it as part of the companies cycle to work scheme

    Soon I hope to test out the bike by taking a trip to my favourite Kona Retailer, Mitchell Cycles A small bike shop that I have bought my last 4 Kona’s from. Till now I have been using a very heavily modified Kona Dew for my long distance touring, till after around 5,000 miles I cycled into a fence and broke a bit too much of it…. Fail

    For travelling to work I use a Kona Zing which I bought last year after taking a liking to it in the shop.

    Though my enjoyment was cut short when my appendix ruptured while cycling home from work one day. Ever tried cycling 20+ miles with a burst appendix? – I was taken to hospital a few hours later.

    This years Kona Zing looks even sexier, though my ‘Good god I want some special time with that’ award goes to the King Zing.


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