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    Well today I went and bought myself a shiny new MacBook Air, replacing my ye olde MacBook circa 2007 – the white polycarbonate one, and my netbook. I bought the 13″ MacBook Air with the i7 processor upgrade. First impressions of using it, it is so beautiful!

    One of the first things that hits me is the sheer speed of the thing! I paid the extra to get the i7 processor and don’t you just notice it. Combined with the SSD technology I can really see that I have a powerhouse. After using it for a few hours I’ve had chance to use Lion to its potential, and by that I mean I have a multitouch enabled trackpad. With this new touchpad -when compared to the two finger touchpad of my old Mac, all the new gestures built into Lion make sense. With just a simple three finger swipe to the side I can move between Lion Desktop, Windows Desktop (running full screen via VMWare Fusion), Safari and Aperture. Its an incredible feature and I can see myself using Mission Control a lot more.

    I hope to do a full review and talk about performance for things like video encoding, photo editing and virtual machines when I have everything installed.


    Now that I have had some time using the MacBook Air and had chance to download the 9.6GB that is Team Fortress 2 (for testing of course) I have had chance to get to know my Mac.

    What I like – The sheer unadulterated power of the MacBook, as most benchmarks show, this thing is faster than the last generation MacBook Pro! Other things being a blogger which I can no longer live without is the backlit keyboard. Finally I don’t have to type gibberish when I am sitting in bed at night with my Mac.

    Three finger swiping is great though I don’t like it sometimes when using Safari as it usually (for me anyway) results in navigating to the previous page rather than swiping between applications. This may just be a case of me needing to get use of the oversized trackpad.

    Things I don’t like – Well nothing so far with the hardware, but apart from my issues with Lion which I have previously written about. I seem to have completely unnoticed the removal of the lozenges, if you don’t know what I am talking about, then take a look at Damo’s post about the issue.

    One of the main trade offs of using the MacBook Air is the lack of ports. 2 USB ports is fine for me, but I’ve started to miss having an ethernet connection (usually at work) and even small things such as the Battery indicator – although this is more use on my old MacBook which is dying slowly.


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