• My Bicycles …or how I learnt to stop worrying and to love the Kona

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    Quite a few people ask me about the bicycles that I own, so here is a quick rundown of them. As you may have guessed I have a thing for Kona’s I have found them to be incredible, tough and they are fun to ride. You always seem to notice people cycling on Konas in weather or conditions where others would be foolish too.

    My first Kona, the 2003 Kona Kahuna. For it’s time it was incredible, lightweight aluminium construction full suspension bike. Afterwards I added disc brakes, new gearrings, saddle and pedals and chunky types. This gave me a bike that could tear up the countryside at speed.

    When I started working at Microsoft I bought myself a 2008 Kona Stinky with my first paycheck. This bike was built like a tank and no where was off limits. Luckily there was a offroad dirt track course a few hundred metres from my house so it was put to good use. Curbs …easy, few foot jumps ….easy. Pedalling uphill …ahhhhh! Regrettably low weight wasn’t a concern of a ‘downhill bike’

    As the summer wore on and I got fitter I wanted a longer distance touring bike. I invested in a 2009 Kona Dew and modified it: New Pedals, Saddle, Butterfly handlebars, front & back pannier racks, lightweight rims. This beast became my long distance touring machine, eventually after 5000+ miles and cycling into a fence and breaking the front forks, this bike is being decommissioned :( The bike is pictured while crossing the trans pennine trail during one of my York to Reading expeditions. Currently this bike holds my personal record of cycling 147 miles in a single day.

    To replace the Kona Dew and to enable me to do the 45 mile daily commute to work in reasonable time I finally invested in a road bike. And behold the 2010 Kona Zing, this is my current workhorse and a great piece of kit.


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