• My downhill bike also goes uphill

    by  • November 13, 2011 • Journal • 0 Comments

    Another weekend, another chance for freedom. First off I had my eyes tested and although I can see, it seems I need glasses for distance (so hopefully I won’t cycle into too many things in the future – hopefully)

    After what seemed like an eternity, two lovely assistants helped me find 2 sets of glasses which hopefully suit me.

    At least now I can random use the phrase ‘Let me just put on my nerdier glasses’ to better effect.

    As it’s nearly winter I thought I would take one last spin out on my bike so I jumped on my Kona Stinky downhill bike and went and got a bit muddy. First off I cycled through the woods trying to find some good drops, but alas I found mud.

    Much to my amazement I found that Chippenham actually has a quite new Olympic size off road BMX track and no one told me!

    After jumping around like a mad man on my Kona Stinky, I returned home and gave my bike a well earned wash.


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