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    I thought I would go all out hipster and blog using Instagram shots that I have taken during the week. Although I like Instagram, I do find it limiting and I usually just use the original photo, what I find great about it is how easy it is to post to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time!

    Went to my local farm shop (Allington Farms) to grab huge amounts of Potatoes for the Chickens

    The hens themselves (Dostoyevsky and Ernie here) were busying themselves in the dirt

    I went out to Revolutions, a really nice restaurant in Chippenham that serves incredible home made food! If you haven’t been I would suggest you try it; great place to bring a date along.


    Spent the week selling stuff on eBay, selling my old computer textbooks through Amazon and generally tidying up my book collection.

    I met up with Brys Cupcakes again while wandering through the Chippenham craft fair, I had to try out some of his new creations, they looked incredible!

    So there it is, my week. Hope you enjoyed it!


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