• Oblivion, a mind bogglingly awesome film

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    Knowing that Joseph Kosinski, the man behind TRON Legacy was directing this film, I knew from the get go that this was going to be a visually stunning multi layered films, and I was stunned when I watched it, and by stunned I mean holding onto my set going ‘the awesomeness …its everywhere!!’

    The visual styling was very much the same Bauhaus inspired design, very Dieter Rams, full of clean lines and structural minimalism that I would love my house to be like.


    The non spoiler version of the plot is that the year is 2077 and it has been 60 years since Earth was invaded by an alien race, known as Scavengers, the moon was destroyed during the first wave of attack. Humanity prevailed but Earth was left ruined. A space station was constructed to transport the survivors to Titan. Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), the main protagonists are the mop up crew; repairman for mechanical drones which protect hydro-rigs – sucking Earths remaining water and convert it to fusion power for the new colony.

    Joseph direction of the film is very much a scattergun of visual stylings from previous scifi outings, which in the hope that if there is enough to choice from, there should be something for everyone.

    One of the things I always loved about his work is that he creates stunning visual set pieces, much from his time of directing commercials, everything had to be there for a reason and show it off clearly. An obvious example being the clean stark lines of the tower; the home for Jack and Victoria compared to the crumbling wasteland underneath.



    Summed up: You could nearly be mistaken that the last 5 minutes was actually filmed by Stanley Kubrick and is in fact a modern interpretation of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    In the end you find out that Jack is one of thousands of clones of the original; an astronaut assigned to investigate an alien object headed towards earth. He joins the surviving human rebels and builds a bomb to blow the alien spaceship up.

    When he ventures into space towards the object to deliver the bomb everything gets surreal; the incredible music and synth by M83 shifts to a lower key, the visuals become stark and the voice of Sally – the alien lifeform who for the majority of the film were led to believe was just mission control sounds all very much like HAL.


    Even the Red glowing ring of the drones and Sally were eerily like HAL. Now I am not complaining about this, I understand the instant associations people have with machines and red glowing eyes (think terminator as well) makes it an easier vessel for people to believe she is actually evil, and not just a living being trying to survive.

    It was a really nice twist that not only is he a clone, but actually he is working for the ‘baddy’ all along without actually knowing about it. Watching the film for a second time really proved interesting as you get to pick up on the subtleties that had to be placed

    Overall, I really liked the film, at over 2 hours it may seem long to some but I liked the pacing. Mixed with a homage to the classic sci-fi films I would give it a 8 out of 10


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