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    Around 18months ago I bought my first DSLR, the Nikon d3100, which was a great beginners DSLR, however I soon found myself wanting more features and even simple ones (such as IR remote) I bought the Nikon d3100 because I was unsure how much I would use it, but I have … a lot, so the time finally came to upgrade.

    After looking around I had a few options, mainly around Canons 7D, or the 650D, but I had a few wants: Swivel screen, good lenses, GPS. Overall a well rounded camera that is great at taking pictures of cake.

    In the end I choose the Sony Alpha SLT A77, which is a strange but epic beast.

    For starters the camera isn’t actually a SLR, its an SLT …the difference is the internal mirror is semi-transparent and doesn’t need to move out of the way for focusing. This means focusing better shots and the shutter lag is so much faster, the issue however is there is no longer an optical viewfinder, but an electronic EVF.

    Most DSLR user shake at the thought of an EVF, mainly due to the first generation being absolutely terrible LCD based versions with really low resolutions. This is a second generation EVF which has a high resolution (2million+ pixel OLED screen)

    It takes a little while getting used to, and some time setting up the screen brightness / contrast, but is amazing once you get the hang of it.

    The ‘kit’ lenses is so much better than the usual kit lenses you find, and is straight away apparent in the build quality and the lower aperture values(f2.8). To compliment this lens I bought two others.

    Nifty 50 Prime

    No photographer would be complete without a nifty 50, or a 50mm Prime lens. To start off I bought the SAL-50F18 which is F1.8 at 50mm. This is one of Sony’s ‘Easy Buy’ options and I can see why, it is tack sharp and has a low aperture. Some of the shots I’ve had from this are incredible.

    TelePhoto lens

    When out in the garden taking pictures of the hens and birds I need a longer distance lens sometimes. So I got the SAL-75300 lens which is ok but on occasion produces incredible shots. In the corners there are some softening when you get to the long ranges (250-300mm) but for the price its a no brainer. Just like the prime lens, it will most likely be upgraded eventually.

    Example pics

    Its only been the first evening with the camera, which means I have spent most of my time playing around and looking with the menus rather than taking many good pics. Below are a couple that are ok so far.


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