• The iPhone 4S and my slow descent into being a hipster.

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    So it finally happened, I got myself an iPhone 4S.

    I won’t do one of those corny unpacking blog posts, nor talk about it’s features; you can happily have your ego stroked in an Apple Store if you want that. ¬†Though the camera is incredible!¬†One thing that I noticed, is my descent into another realm; darn hipsters.

    Farmer Jacket: Check

    Hipster Glasses: Check

    iPhone: Check

    All I need now is a fixie and I’ll be done for!

    So why a iPhone, well I fancied a change, I’ve never owned one for starters, the hardware is far better than any of the Windows Phone’s I have tried; which is a shame as the OS is so lovely and of course, statistically more girls will go ‘oh hello vicar’ and suggest going for coffee and cake if I have an iPhone.

    …the only reason why I watched Gossip Girl ;)


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