• The new iPad …Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi!

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    ‘The King is dead. Long live the King’ maybe I might be pushing the meaning a bit too far, but the reigning King of tablet computers; the iPad 2, is now dethroned and replaced by it’s spiritual successor, ‘The new iPad’

    It was first guessed at based on Apple’s yearly upgrade cycle, and then by it’s rather obvious press release teasing to what may be coming…

    This gave a few people hope that the new iPad may not just have a higher resolution screen (based on hi-res icons found within iOS) but also haptic feedback. Senseg went so far in saying “We won’t be making any statements until after Apple’s announcement” which gave people hope that it’s haptic feedback technology would be included.

    The event itself seemed a little different to the previous iPad launches, Tim Cook trying to make his mark in the shadow of Steve Jobs. Regrettably Microsoft was one step behind when demoing their Windows 8 tablets, even having a retro style chair and table to demo from which blatantly emulated the style of iPad 1 & 2 launches.

    So what does the iPad 3 look like?

    To be honest it is nearly identical to the iPad2; still available from launch in black and white, with the only difference being fractionally thicker. The real difference is when you come to use the device.

    Under the hood, Seeing is believing

    Apple much touted the concept of the Retina Display with the iPhone 4, with a DPI count which goes beyond what the human eye can detect at normal viewing distances. The iPhone at 12 inches has over 300DPI, but the iPad 3 which at regular viewing distances of 15″ only needs around 230DPI. Apple achieved this by doubling the resolution, 2048×1536 up from 1024×768, an incredible resolution seeing as most 40″ TVs or 20+” computer monitors have only 1080p displays. That is an astonishing 3.1 million pixels on the display.

    To drive all this power Apple has upgraded the processor to its own A5X quad core chip. Plenty powerful enough to drive the next generation of games that will surely target the high resolution device and further drive Apple’s emerging market share of the higher ending portable gaming market.


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