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    Its the standard question, what music do you listen to? I guess we have all asked or been asked it.

    For me, its a toughie as I do listen to random shizzle ranging from soul and jazz, rock to cheesy pop, and it’s constantly changing based on ‘oh that sounds weird’, so I had a delve into my phone to see what is on my MP3 player and here are a few:

    The Zutons – You will you won’t.

    I went to see them before they brought out their first album, great night and set sail for fail while trying to crowd surf.

    Marina and the Diamonds – Obsessions.

    Bit cheesy but there are a few goodies in her first album, and a bit of hot totty.

    ┬áDuke Special – Last night I nearly died.

    Its hard to forget going to their gig holding a cheese grater…

    Fluke – Absurd

    I found the tempo of this song perfect for when I am cycling at silly speeds.

    So what else, well there’s Muse, more Muse…


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