• York and back again …a Farmers tale.

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    Recently I had the opportunity to revisit York as part of work. I put on my Farmer jacket and made a dash for the train; most people if they saw me would think I would have just come off the farm, tending to the Chickens (which is true, I have been tending to the Chickens)

    What made things interesting is currently in York, the ‘Farmer’ look is trending a lot, so I kept getting female attention which was entertaining, and the current trend was great to see Pretty girls on Pretty Bicycles :)

    After my work obligations I met up with Andrew Bettany @Andrew_Bettany, who works at the York IT Academy and had a great chat over a pint about student engagement in Technology and improving Industry engagement in the York CS course.

    While not nerd’ing it up I got out my DSLR and wandered around York and the University being a tourist.

    I had a great chance as well to met up with Tim Ngwena @timngwena who I used to live with, known to most as being the Student Union president 2 years running and current Community Manager at an interesting startup called Yatterbox; a service that lets you track MPs social networking activity. Tim and I had a great chat about the future of social networks and the curation of digital content, some ideas which are now simmering away in my head.

    But not everything could be fun, in the end it was let down by having to stand 5 hours on the train back home, ouch!


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