• You sunk my Battleship

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    Creedence Clearwater Revivals song Fortunate Son clearly sums up what I thought of the film as a whole, but not the song itself; I love a bit of Creedence, but the fact they used it in the film baffled me.

    If you don’t understand, read the lyrics past the first verse and then understand that this was a strong anti war song, so why is it getting used on quite a pro-war / navy film? Like most things in the film, it seemed out of place or didn’t have enough forethought go into it.

    Like the original Hasbro game, the director seemed to believe that he could use the same formula as Transformers to be a success: Hot totty, Alien robots, Explosions. Shame they didn’t have Optimus!

    It seems that you don’t actually need to act to get into movies nowadays, as Transformers showed beforehand, you can happily use a supermodel. Battleship took this one step further and used both a singer; Rihanna, and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model; Brookyln Decker. Though you have to admit this makes sense if you are targeting it to young men with the aim of getting a few new recruits.

    As the film clearly showed, most men would do anything to get this women a Barreto…

    Staring at Brooklyn Decker and her lovely legs for most of the film did seem to past the time. You sunk my Battleship!

    One of the things that was clear was the increasing use and visibility of ex combat troops, and those injured in battle. Although this is in part to show the caring side of the military but really it all comes down to the incredible work that some of the research that DARPA is doing at the moment in robotics.

    I won’t go into the science behind the film -heck how can anyone complain about the science when there are aliens running around? What I do want to mention is the whole concept of the film.

    *Spoilers ahead* Be mindful!

    The whole point of the film was that aliens land and they are killing the navy personnel, and are made out to be the so called bad guys of the film, but if you take it from an objective standpoint things are very different.

    • They only attacked to defend themselves, given original provocation by the humans.
    • They would not attack those that are not threatening, or those that are unarmed (without provocation). This reminded me of the subway scene in Predator 2.
    • It was only the humans that believed their intentions were hostile, maybe they came to earth to greet us, and only went to Hawaii to rebuilt their communications array to go home.

    I thought this was another pro-military, guns ho film where everyone seemed to rush into the fight without forethought. Even the captain seemed to not understand logic to the point where I would have expected him to start shouting passages from Moby Dick.

    to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee!”

    In truth, I would have thought more of Liam Neeson!

    Overall I give this film a 6 out of 10, its watchable, full of action and actually has one or two laughs.


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