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    Diving into the .Net JIT engine

    by  • July 19, 2013 • .Net, Programming • 0 Comments

    Managed development using .Net has always been akin to the concept of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ where code reuse and using the tools are concerned. Most .Net developers are happily content with the .Net compilers performance however in the embedded space, eecking out the tiniest piece of performance is sometimes essencial, thus...

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    How to build your own Static Code Analyser for C Sharp

    by  • June 10, 2012 • .Net, Journal • 0 Comments

    Static Code Analysis¬†is the process of scanning the source code (or bytecode) of an application without actually running it. SCA can be used to determine a whole host of programmatic errors or just not conforming with a coding guideline. My first look into SCA was at university; during the ‘Theoretical¬†Computation’ and ‘Mathematics of Computer...

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