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    OpenCV Colour Temperature Calibration via rendition chart

    by  • February 26, 2017 • Programming • 5 Comments

    Different types of light output different colour temperatures which is expressed in kelvin; ranging from the yellow end of the spectrum e.g. 2800k up to blue e.g. 6500k. Natural sunlight is around 5500-6000k. I could spend a long time discussing colour temperature and how its the temperature of an ideal black body radiator which emits light...

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    OpenCV Colour space and LAB WhitePoint

    by  • June 20, 2016 • Programming • 0 Comments

    Recently I have had the fun task of trying to normalise colours between two sets of images in OpenCV. Being a photographer I thought the easiest way of doing this would be to use a Macbeth Colour Chart such as the datacolor spyderCheckr24 which I have for each of the sets and convert to...

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