SPECIAL REPORT: Federal government indicts premier Wab Kinew for comments he made on a live broadcast

OTTAWA - The federal government accuses the premier of Manitoba for crimes against society.

Wab Kinew's political career is hanging by a thread after remarks he made during an interview with CBC News

A scandal broke out live on live television after Wab Kinew accidently revealed one of the government's best kept secrets. Viewers began calling the network after what they saw, but the broadcast was interrupted by a call from the Bank of Canada, which demanded that the broadcast be stopped immediately and that all recordings be erased.

We were able to persuade the directors of CBC to provide us with a copy of the recording of the interview. Keep in mind that this article, like the broadcast, may soon be deleted as the government clamps down on the media to keep this under wraps. Here is a transcript of the scandalous interview with Wab Kinew.